'F**K the 9-5' starring Zhoe Trotter

Hola! Anyone who knows me, knows that my work hours are somewhat obscure. I work hard, but this doesn't mean an 8am swim and surf and a quick yoga session can't be achieved too. Life is balance and sometimes the best way to get more done, is to take a break, breathe and simply stand in the sunshine. 

The concept of a 9-5 job is something completely foreign to me. I have the utmost respect for those who work hard and enjoy a job that fulfils them between what could be deemed 'Normal working hours'. However, I knew from a young age that it just wasn't for me. Maybe my attention span was short or maybe I just didn't believe my creative spectrum should be limited to those hours. Ideas come out of nowhere and I feel super fortunate that I can bring them to fruition when I please. I work for myself, I dictate my hours (somewhat) and my creative process. I want to build something that is ever changing, growing on the daily while also providing me with a career that keeps me seeking and most of all: inspired. 

I created this series not as a stab at desk jobs or normal working hours, but as a personal and social comment on the idea of the 9-5 grind. Humans working laborious, stress filled hours with only the hope of the weekend or a promotion spurring them on. It's not for me. 

Starring the powerhouse that is Zhoe Trotter, we explored the stresses attached to jobs that don't always fulfil us on a personal level. Making us tougher, cynical and clinical in our approach to life. At the end of the day, she is overwhelmed, choosing to channel her stress into joy as she strips away the layers of her overpowering and often-times constricting life. Cigarettes are a temporary escape from stress - Zhoe knows this now. And although clearly beautiful throughout, she unlocks another part of her self that was always there. We all possess this power. 

All stills and video captured by Jellan MP AKA Clash Studio

Huge shoutouts to the team as it wouldn't have been possible without you all. Zhoe for owning the character, Joel for his magic on the brushes and Sarah for her perfection on the hair. 

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NAKAL means Naughty in Balinese // Maddy Relph

During a recent work trip to Bali, Indonesia, I was contracted to complete a clip for Komune hotel, exploring the vibe and facilities of this resort. On the shoot day, Maddy arrived as one of the models who would be part of the job. Exuding a carefree island feel, she, along with the other talent: Nathan and Lucette were perfect for the job. We were introduced and from there; the banter began. After completing the filming, we all sat down to some lunch where Maddy and I got into a sly foodfight - grated carrot flying everywhere. Afterwards, we decided to shoot some stills together. No plan, just a well lit suite in tropical paradise where Maddy did her thing. As she pulled her lip down, a lip tat revealed the word 'NAKAL'. It was strangely fitting.  I paused and felt a little tickle, reaching back to pull out another string of raw carrot dangling in my hair. 

Full set captured by Clash Studio
Model: @madelinejoyrelph


Modern Woman ft Beth Hurrell

On a dreary day in overcast Coolangatta Beth and I linked up over at Komune Resort for a quick spontaneous shoot. There were no issues, no limitations and the vibes flowed in a carefree way. Beth threw a handbag on the bed, filled to the brim with random props she'd grabbed on the fly. Grandma undies, candles, wine, cigarettes - the essentials. Basically we listened to the rain outside and shot what has been one of my all time favourite sets to date. Clear composition, ideal light and just the right amount of sass and power from Beth, owning herself. Seeing as it's time this blog was resurrected to show my work in its entirety, I thought I'd start with this one. All images shot by yours truly. Special thanks to Komune Resort on the Gold Coast for the penthouse suite. Anyone looking to party or relax get amongst it. Equally, the place harbours some of the best natural light I've ever come across, photographers - use it. 


Leave your windows open | Talia Camilleri

A few weeks had casually slipped by and I had no creative projects on the horizon. So on Sunday afternoon, Talia and I met for the first time and got to work. No real plan,  just a stunning model, bunch of clothes and some afternoon light pouring through the windows. 

Talia has a unique beauty and a cruisy vibe so the rest was easy. Here's a selection of images from the shoot. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did putting them together. 


Model : Talia Camilleri 
Photog: Yours truly - CLASH STUDIO

Moments w/ Hannah Wake

One spontaneous afternoon, a few months ago now, I met up with Hannah and shot some photos/film. Not knowing what to expect, we kinda winged it and I was given a little insight into Hannah's cool, weird but super fun style. A few shots to feast your eyes on. Head to my facebook Clash Studio for regular updates.  

Quirky poses and modelling by none other than Hannah Wakefield of 'Hannahwake Collective'. 

Styling by Hannah of JANEROSS&CO 

Beauty by the talented Ashley Brooke : Ashley Brooke Makeup Artistry

I hope you enjoy!


- All images taken by Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery - Clash Studio

Ordered Chaos | Japan 2015

Spilling out into the mass of dark haired commuters at Shinjuku station, I knew that Japan would be like no other country I had ever explored. 

1 month, no real plan and no accommodation, just a good mate and a dodgy set of directions to a motel in Tokyo. After 1 hour of walking, we found it, only to be told that we wouldn't be getting a room for the night. Alex and I stepped out into the cool breeze and walked to the Green Plaza Motel across from 'Koban Police station.' This is where, hopefully, we would get to sleep for the night. A few exchanges in broken Japanese and we found ourselves couped up in our first capsules. Sleep deprived and stressed, I stared up at the ceiling, wondering what the hell I was doing there. Exhaustion took me and I slept like a baby. The next morning, we poked our heads out of our 'rooms' to see hundreds of snow flakes, falling and covering the inner city. In that moment, all my negative feelings evaporated and I watched. Alex stood still as ever, experiencing the sight of snow for the first time. 

The remainder of the trip opened my eyes to a beautiful culture, un tainted by the western world. Japan felt like a big, exciting contradiction. Future and past collide, tradition meets new ideas, kimonos and leather jackets blend as one and seemingly, Japan maintains a perfect balance of order and chaos. Actually, ordered Chaos. That's how I would describe Tokyo. A city that assaults the senses but knows when to slow down. I observed and often found myself stuck in rush hour. Moving too fast, but rush hour is only temporary and when it came time to slow down, I could take in the beautiful subtleties that make Japan and its people so inviting. 

I travelled through Japan in epic company. A battalion of fair skinned brothers, taking on and embracing this new world. Kel, Ku, Lix, Cone and eventually Luke, Whitey, Sav, Jarryd and Tay. What a defining trip. Through Tokyo, to Hakuba, Nagano, back to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. 1 month, 1 camera and a wealth of new experiences. 

The following is a little photographic journey, better late than never. I hope you enjoy. 



- All images (bar 1 of me by Kuyan) taken by Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery | Clash Studio

AA | Escape to paradise

Fiji was like our own colourful canvas. Walls painted in vibrant blues and oranges with dashes of green from the trees. Ayla put her game face on and the rest was made easy. She just screams natural beauty. 

Ayla Adams, both gentle and fierce, over a simple backdrop. Escape to Paradise and enjoy.

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- All images taken by Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery | Clash Studio