Modern Woman ft Beth Hurrell

On a dreary day in overcast Coolangatta Beth and I linked up over at Komune Resort for a quick spontaneous shoot. There were no issues, no limitations and the vibes flowed in a carefree way. Beth threw a handbag on the bed, filled to the brim with random props she'd grabbed on the fly. Grandma undies, candles, wine, cigarettes - the essentials. Basically we listened to the rain outside and shot what has been one of my all time favourite sets to date. Clear composition, ideal light and just the right amount of sass and power from Beth, owning herself. Seeing as it's time this blog was resurrected to show my work in its entirety, I thought I'd start with this one. All images shot by yours truly. Special thanks to Komune Resort on the Gold Coast for the penthouse suite. Anyone looking to party or relax get amongst it. Equally, the place harbours some of the best natural light I've ever come across, photographers - use it.