'F**K the 9-5' starring Zhoe Trotter

Hola! Anyone who knows me, knows that my work hours are somewhat obscure. I work hard, but this doesn't mean an 8am swim and surf and a quick yoga session can't be achieved too. Life is balance and sometimes the best way to get more done, is to take a break, breathe and simply stand in the sunshine. 

The concept of a 9-5 job is something completely foreign to me. I have the utmost respect for those who work hard and enjoy a job that fulfils them between what could be deemed 'Normal working hours'. However, I knew from a young age that it just wasn't for me. Maybe my attention span was short or maybe I just didn't believe my creative spectrum should be limited to those hours. Ideas come out of nowhere and I feel super fortunate that I can bring them to fruition when I please. I work for myself, I dictate my hours (somewhat) and my creative process. I want to build something that is ever changing, growing on the daily while also providing me with a career that keeps me seeking and most of all: inspired. 

I created this series not as a stab at desk jobs or normal working hours, but as a personal and social comment on the idea of the 9-5 grind. Humans working laborious, stress filled hours with only the hope of the weekend or a promotion spurring them on. It's not for me. 

Starring the powerhouse that is Zhoe Trotter, we explored the stresses attached to jobs that don't always fulfil us on a personal level. Making us tougher, cynical and clinical in our approach to life. At the end of the day, she is overwhelmed, choosing to channel her stress into joy as she strips away the layers of her overpowering and often-times constricting life. Cigarettes are a temporary escape from stress - Zhoe knows this now. And although clearly beautiful throughout, she unlocks another part of her self that was always there. We all possess this power. 

All stills and video captured by Jellan MP AKA Clash Studio

Huge shoutouts to the team as it wouldn't have been possible without you all. Zhoe for owning the character, Joel for his magic on the brushes and Sarah for her perfection on the hair. 

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